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In human medicine, PHYSICAL THERAPY is the standard of care for many musculoskeletal and neurologic conditions. At the MACKE INSTITUTE OF CANINE THERAPY our mission is to provide the same level of care to your four-legged friend.


When an injury occurs, or when certain conditions worsen, tissues are damaged and animals must relearn how to properly use these tissues again. If not addressed adequately, dogs often compensate by relying on other body structures to maintain mobility. These compensations result in abnormal movement patterns that put excessive strain on surrounding tissues, which often LEADS TO FURTHER INJURY. The goal of physical therapy is to guide you and your pet through a RESEARCH-BASED PROGRESSION of treatment that we call the ROAD TO RECOVERY.

Pain Free Dog
Flexible Dog
Healthy Dog
Strong Dog
Wellness Dog

1. We focus on relieving PAIN, so your dog is more comfortable.

2. We focus on restoring FLEXIBILITY, so your dog has less stiffness when moving.

3. We focus on rebuilding STRENGTH, so your dog can get around easier with less weakness and fatigue.

4. We focus on restoring HEALTH, so your dog can return to running, jumping and playing.

LASTLY, we focus on ensuring LIFE-LONG HEALTH & WELLNESS. so your dog's injury does not return and to prevent future injuries. 


We require a veterinary referral to provide PHYSICAL THERAPY treatment for your pet. While most vets understand the value of our services, it can be a challenge to coordinate your pet's care between two providers. The following guide will help as you communicate with your vet and get us all the necessary paperwork. 

FIRST, let your vet know that you'd like a referral for CANINE PHYSICAL THERAPY. Some vets may know CANINE PHYSICAL THERAPY as "REHAB.

SECOND, ask them to send a REFERRAL and an EVALUATION for your pet. Both of these documents are required for us to begin treatment. Vets can upload both documents on our vet portal, If you or your vet have any questions, please call us!

THIRD, if your vet has any questions about the care that we provide, the treatments we offer, and how the vet-therapist relationship works, please refer them to the handout below or have them give us a call.

Vet Handout
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